Linux shell tutorial

Linux Shell tutorial by Science IT at Aalto University.

This course consists of two parts: Linux Shell Basics and Linux Shell Scripting. The first one covers introductory level shell usage (which also is a backdoor introduction to Linux basics). The second one covers actual BASH scripting, using learning by doing.

Starred exercises (*) are for advanced users who would like further stimulation.


  • Part #1: A Linux/Mac computer or a Windows with SSH client installed to access any Linux server

  • Part #2: Shell basics, know how to create a directory and edit a file from command line

Who is the course for?

  • Part #1 for those who need a comprehensive dive into shell basics.

  • Part #2 for people with intermediate/advanced level of Linux/Mac shell


Ongoing. Optional lectures on average once per year with following timetable:

Linux Shell Basics

3 sessions x 3h

Linux Shell Scripting

4 sessions x 3h


Based on
  • man bash v4.2 (Triton default version in Feb 2018)

  • Advanced BASH scripting guide

  • UNIX Power Tools, Shelley Powers etc, 3rd ed, O’Reilly

  • common sense and 20+ years Linux experience

  • see also other references in the text